Securities Litigation

Crowninshield actively supports all phases of securities litigation, from preliminary analysis of economic and financial issues to post-settlement plans of allocation. In Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 and 12 cases, for example, our experts have testified widely on matters related to market efficiency, loss causation, and damages.

Our securities litigation expertise includes:

  • Market Efficiency
  • Price Impact
  • Loss causation
  • Damages
  • Allocation
  • Analyzing the efficiency of the market for
    • common stock,
    • preferred stock,
    • bonds,
    • asset-back securities (including mortgage-backed securities), and
    • derivatives
  • Analyzing how alleged misrepresentations, omissions, and corrective disclosures might impact common stock, preferred stock, bonds, and other securities
  • Through event study analysis, determining materiality of information on stock price and quantifying potential implications of fraudulent activity
  • Weighing news and analyst commentary to evaluate market sentiment regarding specific events
  • During preliminary case analysis, assisting clients in identifying critical statistical and economic issues
  • Determining the economic implications and suitability of plans of allocation
  • Analyzing and quantifying damages, including per share and aggregate measures, under federal and state statutes
  • Assessing the number of damaged shares and damages per individual investor
  • Providing expert reports, deposition, and trial testimony

Our Securities Specialists

Steven P. Feinstein, Ph.D., CFA

Founder, President, Senior Expert