In numerous high-profile cases – Petrobras Securities Litigation, Groupon, Inc. Securities Litigation, Pfizer, Inc. Securities Litigation, AIG Securities Litigation, Schleicher v. Wendt and The Blackstone Group, Securities Litigation – Crowninshield’s professionals have delivered expert testimony and analysis. Crowninshield’s services are a much sought resource for quantitative and financial analysis of market efficiency, loss causation, damages, solvency, ability to pay, qui tam issues, and valuation of businesses, securities, and structured financial products, among others.

To each engagement Crowninshield’s professionals bring in-depth knowledge, expertise, and experience in a wide array of research areas, industries, financial modeling, quantitative analysis, and statistics. They rely on their extensive experience and command of state-of-the-art methodologies to help clients solve even the most challenging problems.

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