“GameStop Frenzy No Reason to Jettison Securities Theory” by Crowninshield analyst Narinder Walia has been published by Law360

Crowninshield analyst Narinder Walia wrote an article that appeared on Law360 titled "GameStop Frenzy No Reason to Jettison Securities Theory", an expert analysis rebuttal to a previous guest article regarding the recent events surrounding GameStop Corp.'s stock. Read more here: https://tinyurl.com/2xfarmr5

“Validating Aggregate Securities Class Damages Estimates”, by affiliated expert Adam Werner and analyst Narinder Walia, has been published by Law360.

Crowninshield affiliated expert Adam Werner, Ph.D, and analyst Narinder Walia, MBA, CFA, coauthored the article "Validating Aggregate Securities Class Damages Estimates" about the accuracy of damages models in securities class actions. This article has been published in Law360 and can be read here: https://tinyurl.com/3ffxtede

Crowninshield paper: “Stock Price Reactivity to Earnings Announcements: The role of the Cammer/Krogman Factors” has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication in The Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. The article is available now online and is forthcoming in print.

Our academic research on the empirical relevance of the Cammer/Krogman factors for stock price reactivity to information flows has been published online and is to be published in print by the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. The paper is available for academic use from Springer Nature or for general use from the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting

In Re Longfin Corp. Securities Class Action Litigation

Plaintiff in this matter alleged that the Company was engaged in a fraudulent and manipulative scheme, concealed by misrepresentations and omissions, which enabled the Company to inappropriately register shares, benefit from the sale of those shares, and qualify for trading on the NASDAQ, among other things. C. Jack Long of Crowninshield Financial Research provided expert analysis demonstrating that the market in which LongFin traded was efficient and that the alleged misrepresentations ...

SunEdison, Inc. Securities Litigation

June 11, 2019. Parties in the SunEdison Securities matter (Eastern District of Missouri) reached an agreement to settle the case for $74 million. Plaintiffs had alleged that SunEdison, Inc. made material misrepresentations and omissions regarding the Company’s liquidity and debt burden as it undertook aggressive expansion and acquisitions. Professor Steven Feinstein of Babson College and Crowninshield Financial Research provided expert analysis and deposition testimony on market efficiency, loss causation, and damages and ...